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Terms of Purchase, Admission, Entry and Participation – Roving Rally by Bikers Emporium.

The following is designed to ensure your understanding of the ticketing and event policies for the Roving Rally by Bikers Emporium and the purchase process on the Rally sites and applications where this appears, including sites and applications where the Roving Rally (“Event Provider”) facilitates ticket and other transactions (collectively, the “Site”). If you have any questions, please contact us. Please also review our Site’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, which govern your use of our Site.

Before purchasing or using tickets, it is your responsibility to carefully read the following terms (collectively, “terms”) as there are NO REFUNDS, Credits or Exchanges. Purchase of a ticket, registration, entry into the Roving Rally, or participation in any Roving Rally events is subject to and constitutes agreement to and acceptance of these terms.

Who You Are Buying From

When you purchase a ticket for the Event, its agent will be handling the transaction and collecting payment. Tickets purchased through our authorized agent (Paystack) are subject to these terms and any other terms required by such agent, though an event of conflict these terms will apply.

Payment Methods; Currency

All ticket prices are stated in South African Rands (R). Payment will be accepted at the following link only (  ). This payment gateway will accept Credit Card Payments and/or Direct Eft. No cash will be accepted.

Pricing and Availability

Tickets are subject to availability and generally sold through the Bikers Emporium Website. Event tickets may sell out quickly. Occasionally, additional tickets may be available prior to the event, but we do not always control this inventory or its availability. 

Number of Tickets Per Customer or “Ticket Limits”

When purchasing tickets via our Site, you may be limited to a specified number of tickets for the Event (also known as a “ticket limit”). This ticket limit, if applicable, is posted during the purchase process and verified with each transaction. This policy is in effect to discourage unfair ticket buying practices.

Multiple Browser Windows

When ordering tickets online, please ensure you are looking for tickets and placing an order using only one browser window. Looking up tickets using multiple browser windows could result in losing your tickets, timer expiration, or multiple ticket orders.

Order Confirmation

If you do not receive a confirmation (in the form of a confirmation page or email) after submitting payment information, or if you experience an error message or service interruption after submitting payment information, it is your responsibility to confirm via customer service ( whether your order was placed. Only you may be aware of any problems that may occur during the purchase process. We will not be responsible for losses (monetary or otherwise) if you assume an order was or was not placed because you failed to receive confirmation.

Pricing and Other Errors

If the amount you pay for a ticket is incorrect regardless of  an error in a price posted on the Site or otherwise communicated to you, or you are able to order a ticket before its scheduled on-sale or pre-sale date or you are able to order a ticket that was not supposed to have been released for sale, then we will have the right to cancel that ticket (or the order for that ticket) and refund to you the amount that you paid. This will apply regardless of whether because of human error or a transactional malfunction of the ticketing website or other system.

Service and Order Processing Fees

Tickets purchased via our Site or mail order are typically subject to a per-ticket service fee and a non-refundable per order processing fee. In many cases, handling fees and delivery prices will also be owed. Service, processing, handling, and delivery fees are non-refundable. 

Ticket Delivery Options

Once a purchase has been made here ( You will be able to access your Account where yu PDF Ticket Download will be available. This will need to be printed and your name must be written on the ticket. A Hardcopy must be brought with you and handed in at the sign-in desk on the day of the Rally.

Refunds and Exchanges; Cancellation or Postponement

Before purchasing tickets, carefully review your selection. Policies prohibit us from issuing exchanges, refunds, or credits after a ticket has been purchased or for lost, stolen, damaged, or destroyed tickets. In addition, we may occasionally offer tickets at a discount after the original on-sale date and will not refund the difference between the original price and the sale price.

This event is not an all-weather event; no refunds, exchanges, or another form of credit or consideration will be made if weather, other “acts of God,” or any governmental action causes cancellation, closure, or relocation of the Event or any part thereof.

If the Event is moved or rescheduled, original tickets will be honored at the rescheduled time and location. In that circumstance, the Event Provider may in its sole discretion set criteria, allowances, and limitations for refunds.

You agree that you will not attempt to evade, avoid, or circumvent any refund prohibitions in any manner with regard to tickets you purchased. Without limiting the foregoing, you will not contact us to seek a refund or exchange from us, and you will not dispute or otherwise seek a “refund” from the company whose credit card you used to purchase tickets. Should you do so, your tickets may be canceled, and we may, in our sole discretion, refuse to honor pending and future ticket purchases made from all credit card accounts or online accounts on which such chargebacks have been made, and may prohibit all persons in whose name the credit card accounts exist and any person who accesses any associated online account or credit card or who otherwise breaches this provision from using the Site.

Unlawful Resale and Reproduction of Tickets; Promotions

Unlawful resale (or attempted resale), counterfeit, or copy of tickets or wristbands is grounds for seizure and cancellation without compensation. Certain maximum resale premiums and restrictions may apply in some states and we cannot be responsible for providing legal advice regarding resale or pricing of tickets. You are responsible for complying with all applicable ticket resale laws. In addition, we reserve the right to restrict or deny ticket purchasing privileges to anyone that we determine to be or has been, in violation of our policies. Because we do not guarantee the authenticity of tickets purchased from any non-authorized third-party reseller (such as brokers or individuals), we recommend that you purchase tickets directly through us, Tickets and wristbands used to gain admission cannot be reproduced in any form, have no replacement value, cannot be redeemed for cash or other value, and will not be replaced if lost, stolen or destroyed. No reproductions or counterfeits will be honored.  Tickets and wristbands obtained from unauthorized sources may be lost, stolen, or counterfeit and if so are void and will not be honored. Tickets may not be used for advertising, promotions, contests, or sweepstakes unless formal written authorization is given by us.


The Event and all Event-affiliated activities, festivities, entertainment, performances, events, rides, and runs are intended solely and exclusively for the benefit, participation, and enjoyment of ticketed and registered Event attendees, official vendors, and sponsors, and invitees of Event management. 

Schedules & Events

No refunds will issue in the event of inclement weather or otherwise. Event details, schedules, acts, performances, entertainment, activities, dates, and times are subject to change or cancellation at any time without notice and no refunds will be owed due to any such changes or cancellations. 

Access & Age Restrictions

Tickets do not provide Event access. Access to the Event and Event-related activities is by official Event wristband only after submitting your ticket, which may be obtained on presentment and exchange of a valid Event ticket and Event registration by each ticketed attendee. No persons under 18 years of age will be admitted to the event. Admission is revocable and in any instance may be refused upon refund of the face amount of the ticket or admission price.

Use of Information

Submission of information during ticketing and/or registration constitutes consent to use of that information for all purposes, including marketing, by Event, Event Providers, and their affiliates, agents, designees, licensees, and transferees and authorizes the receipt of emails and mobile text messages regarding the Event and Event-related matters. Registered attendees may also be issued an account for the Event’s social platform.

Attendees Subject to Search

All attendees and their belongings and vehicles may be searched on entry to the Event or at any time while onsite at the Event. You consent to such searches and any associated inspections and pat-downs and waive any related claims that may arise. If you elect not to consent to such searches, you may be denied entry to or evicted from the Event without refund or other compensation. Under certain facility rules, certain items may not be brought into the Rally, including without limitation, alcohol, drugs, controlled substances, laser pointers, strobe lights, irritants (e.g., artificial noisemakers), weapons, and containers. Outside food and beverages are not allowed for campers. All prohibited materials are subject to confiscation. Certain facilities and areas may also ban smoking, cigarettes, and e-cigarette devices.

Motorcycles; Vehicles

No attendee, entrant, or participant may operate a motorcycle or other vehicle (including golf carts, multi-wheeled utility vehicles, scooters, RVs, and trailers) at the Event (i) unless licensed to do so and the motorcycle or vehicle is licensed, registered, inspected, and insured; (ii) in any unsafe, illegal, hazardous, or negligent manner. Any operator shall at all times comply with all laws, Event policies, posted signs, traffic, and parking control devices and indicators, and any instructions by Event or law enforcement personnel. Event Provider may, in its sole discretion, prohibit or exclude any motorcycle, vehicle, or class or type of motorcycle or vehicle (or the operation thereof) from the Event or from any Event activity or area.

In no instance will Event, Event Provider, its personnel, agents or affiliates, or the Event facility owner, lessor, or licensor, or their personnel, agents or affiliates be liable for any damage to your motorcycle or vehicle that occurs during or in relation to the Event. Attendee is responsible for all damage, liability, and injuries resulting from the use or presence of attendee’s motorcycle or vehicle at or during the Event and shall indemnify and hold harmless Event, Event Provider, its personnel, agents and affiliates, and the Event facility owner, lessor, licensor, and their personnel, agents, and affiliates from same.

Pets & Animals

All pets are prohibited.


Weapons are expressly prohibited. No weapon may be brought onsite, displayed, or used at the Event, except as authorized by Event management, authorized security personnel, or law enforcement. The Event and the Event facilities are gun-free zones:

Unauthorized Promotions

Sales, services, literature, promotional materials, and promotional activities may not be handed out, displayed, distributed, or conducted at the Event without prior written authorization from Event management, and any permitted activities shall occur only in authorized areas.

Compliance with Laws, Regulations, and Policies

Attendees agree to observe, abide by, and comply with all Expo Center, local, city, state, and federal laws, ordinances, and regulations (including those covering traffic, fire, safety, health, access, vehicle operation, and other matters), posted signs, and Event rules and policies both herein and as updated on the Site, and will not create or maintain any dangerous conditions in any campsite, or area occupied by the attendee.


Attendees must leave the campsite, and areas that they occupied clean and free of trash or debris on departure or will be subjected to a cleanup fee, which may be invoiced or charged against the attendee’s credit or debit card used for ticketing.

Recording, Transmission, and Exhibition

You agree and acknowledge that an Event is a public event that may be recorded, broadcast, publicized, or otherwise disseminated, that your appearance and actions inside and outside the venue where the Event occurs are public in nature, and that you have no expectation of privacy with regard to your actions, conduct, image, or likeness at the Event. You grant the Event, the Event Provider, and its agents, designees, licensees, and assignees permission and a perpetual, unrestricted, worldwide, royalty-free license to utilize your name, image, likeness, acts, poses, plays, appearance, movements, and statements in any live or recorded audio, video, or photographic display or another transmission, exhibition, publication or reproduction made of, or at, the Event (regardless of whether before, during or after) for any purpose, in any manner, in any medium or context now known or hereafter developed, without further authorization from, or compensation to, you or anyone acting on your behalf.  Entry into the Event or participation in any Event-related activities constitutes your consent to the terms herein and to the unrestricted use of any images, pictures, film, audio, or video taken of you at or during the Event without further notice, review, consent, compensation, or attribution, including in any live or recorded transmission, reproduction, or rebroadcast of the Event or in connection with any advertising or promotional materials or purpose.

All photos, film, video, and recordings taken by an attendee at the Event are for personal use only. No images, photos, film, audio, or video taken by attendee at the Event may be distributed, transmitted, or reproduced for commercial or media purposes without the express prior written consent of Event Producer and any applicable third-party rights holders. Attendee agrees not to transmit or aid in the transmission of any description, account, picture, or reproduction of, from, or about the Event except as authorized in advance by Event Provider and shall not enter the Event to act on behalf of a media outlet without first complying with all Event media policies, including registering in advance at the Event check-in area as a media member.

No Warranties or Representations

Any descriptions or illustrations of merchandise, dealer service equipment, food, beverages, or services promoted or available for purchase at the Event are provided by the respective manufacturers, resellers, or vendors of those products. Event Provider merely arranges for their exhibition space and makes no assurances regarding and assumes no responsibility or liability for those third-parties or their products or representations.

All information provided regarding the Event is “as is”, subject to change, and without warranty of any kind, express or implied, including (but not limited to) any implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for any particular purpose, or non-infringement. While the information provided is believed accurate, it may include errors or inaccuracies. Accordingly, by using any such information, you agree that Event and Event Provider (including its subsidiaries, agents, officers, directors, employees, staff, volunteers, and insurers) are not liable for damages of any kind, including but not limited to consequential or special damages resulting from your use or access of any such information.

Limitation of Liability

Objects may move or fly into spectator areas during the Event and, despite shielding, injury can occur. Stay alert at all times before, during and after Event activities. If struck, immediately ask Event personnel for directions to a medical station.

Attendee voluntarily assumes all risks and danger incidental to the Event (including but not limited to condition of the premises, participation in or attendance at any Event-related activities, operation of motorcycles and vehicles, and conduct of other attendees), whether occurring before, during or after the Event, and waives and releases any claims (including for damage, loss, personal injury, or death) against us, the American Motorcyclist Association and its district organizations, Event management, the facilities, facilities owners, leagues, artists, other participants, and all of our respective parents, affiliated entities, agents, officers, directors, owners, volunteers, staff, sponsors, vendors, contractors, consultants, personnel, and employees (“Releasees”) on behalf of attendee and any accompanying minor.

Attendee is responsible for all damage, liability, and injury resulting from attendee’s conduct at or during the Event and shall indemnify, hold harmless, and defend Releasees against all released claims and any demand, claim, action, liability, damages, judgment, cost, and expense, including reasonable attorney’s fees (collectively, “matters”) arising out of or based in whole or in part on attendee’s negligence, conduct, or presence at the Event (including for any harm, injury, or damage caused to others) and shall promptly reimburse and on-demand advance all costs, damages, and sums incurred by Releasees as a result of any such claims or matters, irrespective of whether they reach dismissal, voluntary settlement, or judgment. Releasees assume no responsibility or liability for the conduct, actions, or omissions of any Event attendees or third-parties at the Event or during any Event-related activities.

In no event will any Releasee be responsible to any attendee for incidental damages, consequential damages, exemplary damages of any kind, lost goodwill, lost profits, lost business and/or any non-economic or indirect economic damages whatsoever regardless of whether such damages arise from claims based upon contract, negligence, tort (including strict liability or other legal theory), a breach of any warranty or term, and regardless of whether a party was advised or had reason to know of the possibility of incurring such damages in advance. Releasee’s maximum total liability to attendee under any circumstance for any and all claims and damages shall be limited to the original purchase price of attendee’s admission ticket to the Event.


Attendee has read, understands and agrees to fully comply with all terms and conditions herein and any other Event rules, regulations, or policies (as may be updated and posted on the Site or at the Event) and acknowledges that they are contractual in nature.

Governing Law & Dispute Resolution

The Event is located in South Africa, Western Cape,  and the Event ticketing transactions are entered into and performable in South Africa. Accordingly, the Event, the Event ticketing transaction, these terms, and any disputes relating thereto are governed by and shall be interpreted in accordance with South African law, excluding its choice of law principles. The exclusive jurisdiction and venue for any dispute, claim, action, lawsuit, or proceeding (“Proceeding”) based on, arising out of, or related in any way to the Event or ticketing for the Event shall be in the courts located in South Africa, Western Cape, and each ticket purchaser and attendee to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law irrevocably waives (i) all right of trial by jury in any such Proceeding, and (ii) any right to litigate in court or arbitrate any claim or dispute as a class action, either as a member of a class or as a representative, or to act as a private attorney general.

Trademarks & Copyrights

All logos, graphics, and images displayed herein, on the Site, or at the Event are protected by and subject to applicable copyright, trademark, and reproduction rights in favor of the Event Provider or applicable third-party owners and licensors. 

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