Cornering with Confidence

Categories: Skills Development
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About Course

“I have e done the Cornering with Confidence course. Such fantastic tutoring. I am a new biker, riding for only 6 months. After this course, I knew how to set myself up for my corner, I knew where to look, where to find my apex and how to set myself up for the next corners. I feel so relaxed and in control now” – Linda

What Will You Learn?

  • Better balance
  • Terminology Knowledge
  • Lane, head & body positioning
  • Counter-steering
  • Speed Control
  • Clutch Control

Course Curriculum

Cornering with Confidence
With riding a motorcycle, comes cornering. Whether it is a quick, sharp corner or a long sweeping bend. Believe it or not, there are quite a few techniques that go hand in hand with conquering a perfect corner. Things like where to look when entering the corner, where your APEX is, and what to do when exiting the corner so that you can maneuver comfortably and confidently through the bend.

  • Introduction to CWC
  • Lesson 1: 90 Degree Turns
  • Lesson 2: Second Gear Turns
  • Lesson 3: Traffic Circles
  • Lesson 4: Incline Start
  • Lesson 5: Sweeping Curves
  • Lesson 6: Hairpin Bends