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Cornering with Confidence

Welcome to Cornering with Confidence.

If it is confidence you are wanting to achieve then this is the right place for you.

We have had unlimited success with this course, and so, we have decided to take it online so that we can reach more riders online. Our goal with this course is to help you gain the confidence you deserve when cornering., whether it is around a sharp hairpin bend or a long sweeping curve. We will be covering the best techniques to help you conquer your corner. You’ll be learning about the correct body and head positioning, counter-balancing and counter-steering, how to find your apex and so much more.

The is nothing quite like, sweeping smoothly around a nice long bend on your motorcycle. It truly feels like flying, and the Bikers Emporium team is here to help you get your wings.

Slow Speed Rider Training

Think of a plane. Imagine it gliding beautifully in the sky, perfectly balanced and then all of a sudden a piano falls on its left wing. The plane will automatically veer off to its left and will be completely off balance. It is the same concept with your bike when you throw your leg out to the side. Signup to this course to learn more…